Rich eating a card.

Rich Aviles is a Magician. A very funny Magician.

You must be searching for an entertainer that will make your future events special (and make you look good in the process!). This website is here to introduce you to Rich Aviles (pronounced: ah-VEE-lez) and his unique brand of magic. Please have a look around.

Why choose Rich? That's easy.


With nearly two decades dedicated to fine-tuning his knowledge of and expertise in the field of magical entertainment, you can be assured you're hiring a practiced, qualified and knowledgeable professional.

Rich is a skilled practitioner of "close-up magic"—inventive and intimate, even in a large setting. He engages audience members one-on-one and makes them a part of the show. And his easygoing presence and sense of humor immediately puts you at ease so you're always entertained, never intimidated.


He's entertained audiences large and small, from private parties and upscale balls to theaters, restaurants, hospitals—even sidewalks and car lots. Big companies, small families—Rich has wowed groups of all sizes, shapes and styles—and left a lasting impression.

He adapts to your venue, your schedule and your audience.

Creative and funny, too

Rich has been published in several books and trade magazines.

What's more, he is constantly creating new pieces to enhance his act.

That's right—a lot of what you'll witness when Rich takes the stage is completely original and has never been performed by anyone else.

Contacting Rich

Ever try to get some information from an entertainer and feel like you needed a Ouija Board or a séance to get a response?

There's no magic trick required to get in touch with Rich. Whether you're looking to book a performance, review his reasonable rates, ask a question or just say "Hi," all you have to do is wave your magic wand (or cursor, as the case may be) to the little boxes on the right.

Yes, it's really that simple.

Type your message here and send away.